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Bletchley Road (Queensway)

(Including Queensway and Buckingham Road)

Starting down the bottom of Bletchley at the Fenny end (some of these might not be in the right place)

Looks like the lower end

Not sure if this isn't in the same area, postmarked 1920.

Looks the same but earlier.

A familiar scene to anyone who lived in Bletchley before the redevelopment of the 1970's. Probably taken in the 50's, the Bletchley Arms and Studio Cinema. The Arms was called the New Inn then. It had a market license (it could open longer on market days when Bletchley had a cattle market) and remember using it on market days when I was at the old Wolverton College of FE extension that used to be by the Library.

And if confirmation were needed here is the sign looking from the cinema.  Postmarked 1959.  The row of shops beside the pub used include a bike shop and Gilroy Fashions were my mother worked for a while.

A digression off to the side behind the cinema.

Central gardens again.

And again

And what it became, even this is going to be knocked down.

A later photograph, taken after the renaming of  Bletchley Road.  The post office is out of shot on the left.  Irons shoe shop on the right under the L sign for the driving school.

Earlier than the one above and looking back the other way.  The Post Office is the building in the centre with the flag pole on top.

Looking down towards the railway station.

This could be the top end, W H Smith is on the left

W H Smith and Barclays Bank.  In the distance is the Co-op.

This is the top end of Bletchley Road near the station where the Brunel Centre (is it still called that?) is now.  Two shop names visible, A C Irons (not the Irons of Irons shoe shop) and A C Cowlishaw and Sons.

This looks to be taken just up from the one above.

Queensway (the former Bletchley Road) just down from where the previous picture was taken.  The old Co-op store on the left, the Carlows music store on the corner and plenty of parking spaces.  Also very sunny hence the bleached look of the card.  This was not the same on a cold winters day, damp, overcast and with the Brickworks at full tilt adding their distinctive whiff to the Bletchley luft.

The very top end of Bletchley Road where Oliver Street used to join.

Out of the town centre, under the rail bridges and we are on the Buckingham Road.

This scene shows the George Inn, what was a shop when we moved here, and on the opposite side of the corner the Eight Belles.  The road to the right is Church Green Road.



Four shots around what the first card calls Cross Roads Old Bletchley and the second card calls the Square old Bletchley.  They are all around the Newton Longville, Shenley Road crossroads.  The original Three Trees is at the top, it became the Shoulder of Mutton (second card) and is now called the Trees (I think).  It moved too.   In the bottom picture the new Shoulder of Mutton is shown and in the background is the Swan.  This became the Pickled Newt and is now called the Old Swan.  Such fun.

This is just up the Buckingham Road in the Buckingham direction from the Three Trees.

Finally the Buckingham Road at the top end of Bletchley as was.  I am not sure if this was taken before the Saints Estate was constructed but there is a path that goes in the gap between the two houses on the right to St Marys Avenue and shops.  The thatched building in the previous photograph is at the bottom of road.