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Lydney and area cards

Lydney from the church tower.  Looking across what is now the Bathhurst Park towards the centre of Lydney.

Lydney church.

Looking from the other direction from Primrose Hill down over Lydney.  The Church is in the distance.

This is a fairly modern card of the Methodist church on the way down the hill from where the last card was taken.


Hill Street, looking down towards Newerne.  

Almost the same spot in the 1940's

The High street looking towards Chepstow.  The Feathers Hotel is in left background.  This has now been demolished and is Tesco's staff carpark. 

From the Methodist church looking towards the cross.  I am grateful to Henrik Selsøe Sørensen for this image.

An early tint, hand done so the notices are unreadable, still the High Street.

Newerne looking up towards the Bridge.

The Bridge looking back the other way.  The Co-op is now on the left and the Bridge is shops and a tea room. 

Lydney Park, home to the Bathhurst family.  Postmarked in the 1920's the building looks little changed today. today.

This is possibly what is now Forest Road just down from the power station. There is no real clue.

Lydney docks, posted in 1920 but a bit older I think.

Lydney Tin Plate works, again long gone.

Dating from around 1910, the view is of the Old Forge - in fact Middle Forge - with the Severn & Wye Railway line passing across the centre of the view on its way up into the Forest. The cottages have long gone, having been replaced by a single modern large property.