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Fenny Stratford Cards

Well it is Aylesbuy Street, the Bletchley end of Aylesbury Street looking towards the Old Swan Crossroads. So as most of the scene is Fenny Stratford it's here.


The Fenny end of Aylesbury Street. Fenny church is on the left so this is at the Old Swan crossroads. The first building on the left just up from the Church used to be a chip shop.  Not sure, but I think the tramp who was murdered in the Churchyard (it was one of the reasons that Kubrick withdrew his film A Clockwork Orange) bought his last meal there.

Aylesbury Street, a lot earlier.  This is the Bletchley end. 

Not Bletchley High St.  This is Fenny High Street looking south down the old A5.  Fenny church and the Bulls Head are just on the right.