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The Charlton Inn as she was.

We think that this where the Charlton Inn is but will check with Sue's Aunt who lived in cottages where the pub is now.

The cottage on the left is the Weather Vane Cottage B&B we think.

My wife did odd jobs here when she was at school.  It was knocked down before I met her and is a housing estate now.

And she did cleaning here when she was in the sixth form.  Kids today, they don't know they ..............

This halt is now a thickly overgrown sunken path with very tall trees over it.  I have picked wild strawberries from plants growing out of the old platform walls.

This supposedly was in Charlton Marshall but Sue cannot identify it and we really cannot place it.

24 March 2008 -- Update

Well Sue's niece and her husband, Terri and Brian Wareham, not only identified it but have supplied me with this photograph.

It is Ludwell which lies between on the A30 between Shaftesbury and Salisbury.  Fair old distance from Charlton Marshall.

Spetisbury is just up the road and this cottage is still there.

The Crawford Bridge, Spetisbury.

I know this in Spetisbury but cannot place it.

The New Inn or Stour Inn or whatever it is called now is to the right.  This is the village going the other way towards Blandford.  The Hall and Woodhouse brewery is here.

An aerial view of Blandford.

Blandford in the early 20th century.  There are a lot of soldiers in this view reflecting the long association with Blandford Camp.

Nuff said.

Not sure where this is in relation to the town.

The Down House burnt down and the estate is now The Inside Park Camp Site.  It is very nice.  The house was used by the Army in WW2.