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The reverse of the card says that this is a Forest Cottage near Mitcheldean.

St John's Street Coleford, much changed again but still quaint in it's own way.

Cinderford High Street when the Baptist Church was very strong in the Forest.

Not at all sure where this one was taken.

Okay, not the Forest of Dean, but Charnwood in Leicestershire.  Why?  Well I served there.

I used to live in quarters that backed onto this building and it was a fine site.  A little neglected in the late 1970's when I lived there but much improved I understand.

Woodhouse Eaves was the village above Woodhouse, where we were stationed.  Some fine pubs.  Some fond memories of Beacon Hill, but some not so fond ones too, we used to have to run up it.  Very tough up, but a breeze running down.

Even more tenuous, I have not been within a few thousand miles of St Helena but my parents were there in the mid 1980s.