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Map of Yorkley


You get a lot for your money as far a Yorkley goes.  It is deceptively large and fairly well populated.  Part of the village sits below the hill top to the north and west.  Another part to the south and east towards Pillowell.  Around the top of Yorkley spectacular views are available across the forest towards the mountains in South Wales, South and East towards the Severn Estuary and the bridges or East over the Severn towards the Cotswold escarpment.

Upper Yorkley refers to the bit of Yorkley around the Bailey Hill, lower Yorkley to that bit which lies near Pillowell.  Yorkley Slade lies the other side on the road to Viney Hill.  Yorkley Wood sits to the south east above Pillowell.  On the map above it can be located in the bottom left square above the word well and the telephone box symbol.

Just outside of the village in the woodland lies one of the lodges built by Charles II, Danby Lodge.  These lodges were built for the benefit of the forest keepers who would protect the walk that the lodge was based in.

Social and industry

Yorkley has suffered over the years by a bleeding away of industry.  Once there were a number of mines that provided employment but these are long gone.  The last business of any note, Scotts Bakery in Lower Yorkley, closed sometime back.

Matthews and Bearcroft garage is located in Yorkley Slade and still going strong.  At the other end of the village there is The Forest of Dean Equestrian Centre located in Shaphouse Lane near Yorkley Wood.

Yorkley is suffering the loss of local services.  In Feb 2004 Yorkley boasted a Sub-post office and shop, a Londis, 2 pubs and a chip shop/Chinese take-away.  Since then the Londis and chip shop have both closed.  Fortunately the Post Office thriving and both pubs are still going strong.

The  memorial hall  and sports field at the top of Bailey Hill both continue to serve the community although the Hall, like many, only soldiers on through the efforts of a few.   The sports field at Bailey Hill replaced an older field that is located below Yorkley Slade, between Yorkley and Oldcroft, known as the Cut and Fry.  This now serves as the Yorkley Cricket team pitch and they are busily refurbishing the Cricket Pavilion.

Yorkley Onward band merged with Coleford Brass band to form the Forest of Dean Brass in the early 1990's.  The band still meet and practice at the Onward hut on Stag Hill.  They still seem to share players with Parkend and Pillowell.

Yorkley recreation ground is the home pitch for Yorkley AFC. 

There are no churches remaining as places of worship in Yorkley.  There was a Baptist chapel located in Beech Road,  lower Yorkley, there was a Bible Christians chapel at Yorkley Slade and a mission church at Yorkley Wood.  Oldcroft also boasted a Primitive Methodists Chapel.  Of the five chapels in the Yorkley, Pillowell and Oldcroft area only one remains a place of worship. 

Famous Folks

Yorkley was the where the Gloucestershire poet F. W (Will) Harvey was living at the time of his death. The lane where he lived is named after him, it is just down from the Bailey Inn. there is a lot of information about him here Harvey.

Pubs and Stuff

Like most forest villages Yorkley once had more than it's fair share.  Most are remembered now by road or house names, George Road, Stag Hill, Stag House, Crown Lane and the Crown Cottage.

Fortunately two very good pubs remain.

The Bailey is located at the top of Bailey Hill on the crossroads.  It is a former Whitbreads house, now a freehouse. 

It normally has two draught beers and a rough cider on tap. Popular with the locals, the pub boasts darts, cribbage and skittles teams.  There is entertainment on most weekends. There is a full menu with the emphasis on local and organic ingredients. It also does pizza for takeaway.  Outside there is a beer garden with superb views over the valley towards Oakenhill, Bream and beyond.

The Bailey Inn

The Bailey Inn.

The other pub in Yorkley lies off Yorkley Slade on the Oldcroft Road.

It is an old pub, appearing in the records in 1788.  The Nags has draught beers and a rough cider. A range of bar snacks is available. It has a large outside area and unrivalled views out over the Severn towards the Cotswolds. The Nags Head has the usual skittles and darts team and is also the base for the Yorkley Cricket team, it is also the venue for the Commoners meetings. 

The Nags Head and cottages

The Nags Head