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Moseley Green

It would be over stretching it to call Moseley Green a village as there only a few dwellings.  But it does have a first class pub and is a great location.

There is a former chapel, now a private house and it is close to Mallards Pike and the New Fancy View.

The pub, The Rising Sun, used to be at the centre of a number of pits.  Now all that remains are a few spoil heaps.  The pubs pond used to be connected with a steam pump for the nearby mines.

The pub is popular with locals, walkers and cyclists.  See their website "The Rising Sun".

Not mentioned on the website is that the pub does barbecues, with the accompaniment of local brass bands, on most Sunday evenings in the summer.  Very popular and parking is at a premium.  Phone ahead to ensure that it is on though.