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Whitecroft Station

Kears Bakery, Main Road,  Yorkley

The bakery has been in Yorkley for many years although production ceased some 4 years ago.

Planning was granted for 19 houses last year and just before Easter 2005 demolition started and it is now no more.  

The pictures show Claremont House, which I believe was a shop at one time, when the fences were up, the postbox (which is being moved) and the site now.


Whitecroft Station

On the other hand.  Work has been going on all winter and spring at steam railway station of Whitecross.

This is how it used to look, many years back, looking towards the gates.

Not much to see but a lot of work has gone on to reach this stage.  Looking from the gates to the rear of the pin factory.

The new gates are in place, though some work is involved to finish them.  You will notice that the Post Office hasn't changed much.