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To Mr M Schuetz from Ethel

A lovely letter from a girl in London to her boyfriend who is in Egypt.  It is address to the Ghezireh Palace Hotel Cairo. It is dated 25 Jan 1903.

No M Schuetz in the 1901 census but a Michael Schuetz marries a Ethelinde Catherine (Katherine) Stolte in the last quarter of 1906.  They appear in the 1911 census living in Bethnel Green Road.  He is shown as hairdresser and she is a baker.  They have a daughter, Adalaide Dorothea, and have been married for 4 years (census date is 2 April 1911).

Ethelinde was born in London and has an entry in the  birth register for the third quarter 1879, middle name shown as Katharine.  In the 1881 census she is shown with parents Henry and Caroline Stolte, both Germans.  They are living in Mile End Old Town (49 Bedford Street).  In the 1891 census she is still there, but Henry has become John H and both her parents are now naturalized.  In the 1901 census they have moved, to number 51.

5 Martaban Rd
Stamford Hill
25/1 05

My own Darling, A thousand thanks for your nice long loving letter of the 15th inst.

 I had been looking forward to receiving one so much all last week, that, when the postman came, on Saturday evening, I could not go & fetch it, but sent Henry in case I should be disappointed.

But when I found it was really for me, it sent me up to the seventh heaven of delight.

I almost danced round the kitchen, & was quite excited. Your Dear letters are more than meat & drink to me.

Am I a very foolish girl or not? Am so pleased to hear that you are so well, & trust that you will be quite your old self, by the time you come back to me.

Fancy you showing the prince my photo, & that silly old one too that I look about 30 in. You have made me very curious. Don’t you think, you had better write me, what the prince said about the photo, you might forget it till you come home?

Kättchen & I when to the German Ch. {church} last Sunday evening, I was quite surprised they are getting so smart. They have got electric light & they are painting, washing & cleaning the whole church right throughout. Rev Müller has got read curtains instead of green on the confessionals. We won’t know where we are when it is finished.

Have strict orders from Mrs Kappalle to tell you to send her a card, She says others have received some & not herself & wants to know what she has done.

What do you think? Fr. Backes was thrown out of his shop, by his creditors last Saturday. Shop was sold, same day to a neighbouring baker.

Went out to tea yesterday to a friend’s, after all it is nice to live private, you can go out when you like.

Dearest Milli, I am afraid I have been rather extravagant lately. I have bought, a lovely pair of boots, & such a pretty spring coat a very pale putty colour. Will not be able to wear it, for another month, but it really suits me so nice, I do wish you were here to take me out.

What is the use of having a lot of pretty things if you have no one to admire you in them? & I don’t want any body else’s admiration but yours. If you are pleased I am sure to be.

Henry has gone up into II class & is doing very favourable. He wants to know if you are going to bring him, a little nigger boy home to play with.

Two months nearly gone, & half the time flown, till I shall see you again. I wonder, do you look forward to seeing me, as much, as I do to seeing you. There is not a day, not an hour of the day, but what I am thinking of you, & wondering what you are doing, & every night before I go to sleep, I pray for you & ask God to take you in his keeping & bring you back safe to me.

Must finish my letter now my Darling, or I shall miss the mail then you would have to wait another week till you heard from me & that would never do would it.

    With kind regards from all & fondest love & sweetest kisses From Your own dear Ethel

We were afraid; yet day by day,
I bade my heart more constant be.
I bade it keep the world away,
And grow a home for only thee;
Nor feared but thy love likewise grew.
Like mine, each day, more tried, more true.