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From Castle Bromwich to Weston, Shiffnall 1824

This letter is dated 6th August 1824 and was sent from Capt Hon Orlando Henry Bridgeman, 3rd son of the 1st Earl of Bradford, to his mother.  This title was revived through the female line, see the current Earl of Bradford's website.  In the letter Orlando describes his illness, and whether connected or not, 3 years later he died.  The family tree can be found here.

Capt Hon. O. H. Bridgeman, born 6/5/1794, died 28/8/1827, m. 1817 Selina Needham daughter of the 1st Earl of Kimory.

Castle Bromwich was the family home of Bridgemans, who married into the Newport line and from where the Earl of Bradford title descends.   Weston was the seat of the Bradfords.

Spelling and punctuation as per the origin

Addressed to:

Earl of Bradford

Castle Bromwich
6th of august

My Dear Mother

    I cannot resist writing a few lines to you, but they must be but a few, for I have been again very ill, I had Mr Wood here yesterday, I am still very giddy, but am rather better today, my thoughts sometimes quite fail me; I know both Newport - & Lady N: both write to you about me, & they are so kind to me, nothing can equal it - So now I must leave you for I am not able to write, it tries me to much. --

ever Dear Mother             
your affect & dutiful