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From Nottingham to Fleckney, Leicester, Mar 1846

This letter was sent to a Mrs Priss (spelt Prifs) Fleckney to be left at the (barn?) Arms Inn Leicester.  There is nothing in the letter other than 2 recipes which are reproduced below.

If you try them let me know.

The spelling is as per the letter.

Plum Pudding

1/2 lb of flour
1/2 lb of Currants
1/2 lb of suet
1/4 lb of raisens choped small
1 oz of peel
1/2 pint of cream
4 eggs, sugar to your taste & a little brandy

Mince Pies

1/2 lb Currants
1/2 lb Suet
1/2 lb Apple
2 oz lemon peel
1/2 lb raisens

Sugar & brandy to your taste