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Charles Burrell Massingberd to Miss Lewis

An uninspiring personal letter dating from September 1792 from Charles Burrell Massingberd.  This is the second letter I have that mentions the Massingberds (my London 1699 references a cousin).  The Massingberd family tree page has the details.  The Harriet mentioned in this letter was the daughter of his first marriage.

Really first class handwriting.  I have put all the images on the page.



The spelling is as per the letter.

Chapel Street No. 22   
Near Georges Square
Sept 19th 1792            

Dear Madam
I came here with Mrs Masssingberd & Harriet last night from Ormesby, where all friends desired me to join their kind regards with ours, on my troubling you with this to say I shall wait in or about Town till we have concluded the Business of the Sale of Hossells & Beech Woods; & as you will easily believe that I should gladly return into the Country a week sooner than the 10th of Dec. – I have written to Stopes to desire on the Part of the Purchaser every thing may be to forwarded as to obtain me this release, provided yourself & Mr Lewis can also so far indulge me by coming a little sooner to Town as soon as you are informed wheather the money & deeds will be ready as I have desired in my letter to Stopes. – Besides my wish to return to my Country employments & diversions, I ought not to be absent at our Quarter Sessions on the 8th of Dec. -- & I have other business of my own which requires my return as soon as possible. – M. Jefferies promised to write by this Post to Mr Cooper, & if they consent to settling the business before the time fixed, we will one of us write to acquaint you & if not too inconvenient I shall beg you to come & meet Mr Lewis, whenever all things are ready. – In the mean time it will give Mrs Massingberd & me great pleasure to hear that yourself & Mrs Bridger are well & that you have had good luck, for you could not have good weather, for your Harvest. – Can Mrs M. or I execute any commissions for you;? – I have some idea Mrs Pinfold is at your House, if so Pray present our best regards to Her & her young Ladies. – Dear Harriet left this morning to join her School which met a week ago. –

            I am, Dear Miss Lewis,
                                    With sincere regard
                                    Your obliged Hale Servant
                                                C Burrell Massingberd