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From John Moore to Thomas Moore with an appended letter for his brother

The letter is from Sir John Moore to his cousin Thomas who, with another cousin, was building what is now the Sir John Moore school at Appleby Magna, interestingly the web site for the school says that it was opened in 1697.  This letter would suggest that it was still a work in progress in 1695.

Sir John Moore was Lord Mayor of London in 1682, see this page from the House of Commons Journal for 1689 "Grievances of City of London" to see that he was not above skulduggery.   He made is money as a grocer, better than Arkwright then.

I note from this web page that Sir John was less than impressed on his cousin's endeavours and this seems to be conveyed in the letter to the cousin.  He also goes on to mention his great losses due to the French intercepting his ships.

There is a nice Bishops mark postmark on the letter for No 26.

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This is an image of the  letter to his brother

This is an image of the letter to his cousin

I had a problem with three words in this letter (they are highlighted in red within the transcription) they all look roughly the same, these are the scans.


The spelling is as per the letter. 

The first page of the letter is to his brother Charles

Deare Brother
I received your loving and kinde letter with great satisfacion: being Exceeding pleased to heare you are in reasonable good health considering your age which I pray God to continue Long to you. I must begg your pardon, I have not writ you sooner the reason to me was your not having learned to write must go beholden to others, and trouble to you beside however others have done it for you and I by them back again to you. I am not a little troubled my two Cossons cannot understand each other better being so nobly related and so neare neighbours. Having admonished them earnstly to keepe a good & sincere understanding with each other. In all publick concernes which I believe would prove advantageous to them both and be commendable aswell as profitable and they too be as one. Being true and faithfull to each other in their worldly concernes as well as sprirituall. I need not say more you are able to teach them both God direct you. and them to that which is most pleasing to God and to you to carry it with all due respect to each others good for soule and body as to themselves & live in peace. I pray excuse those lines it is a great trouble and discouragement to me to hear of any misunderstanding betwixt them the Lord direct and teach them and bless them with the blessings fo the upper and nether springs and contains love and verity among you all is the prayer & desire of

London 26 Nov 1695
To his loving brother Mr Charles Moore
Your ever loving brother
John Moore

The second page of the letter is to his Cousin Thomas

Loving Cossen

London 26 November 1695

I have received your kinde ltrs of 28 october and one annexed signed my brother Charles of same date am heartily he and all relations are in health. God Almighty keeps you soo & a good understanding amongst you all peaice one half of the schoole is coursed with lead and I hope in 3 weeks time all would be donn to keepe it dry by which account I recond all the coursing is don but if not you must take all the care you can to keep it dry till it be all covered. Desire the plummer to lay all the draining with lead with an even Currant , that there may be no valley to have the water to stand but have a good passage. I must desire you give me an account in particulars what the disburstments are that I may distinguish them from Cosson Georges because both of you did have considerable funds, and on severall accounts. I did not doubt you of giving me a just and full account but without your assistance in this matter I could not understand by your former account how to ajust the schools account and my own. your former account being so dar handwriting ink that is not ledgible peice you have fetched three tun of iron for the windows. I suppose they are square barrs made on purpose for that use and if not too big. I cannot imagine there can be any want if not too much pray take care to preserve the surplus of all sorts of materially which are not made use of aboute the schools as dealer, lead, timber, Iron, etc: or any thing else that they may not be imbeselled and carried away. I hope you keepe them under lock and key etc. and get rid of your workmen as soone as conveniently that I may not be charged with them longer than necessary required to: for I have mett with a very great loss lately in our Estindia shipps to the value of fifteen to twenty thousands pounds. Having bin taken by the French and perished at sea = within six months time or little more to the value of ffifteen hundred thousand pounds in (forty) shipps Ricthly laden shipps of 6 seaven to eight hundred Tuns a peece. Such a loss in one yeare I believe was never knowne to fall upon the merchants of London in the memory of man. God in mercy sanctifies this misfortune to all the concerned and to the whole nation in generall, Remember me to all the family and relations as opportunity affords, not forgetting you and yours. I remaine

your loving kinsman
John Moore