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Congratulations from his stepmother to Pendlebury.

This letter from Elizabeth Houghton, the second wife of Pendlebury's father, is dated the 9th July 1822.  It sends congratulations of the engagement of his daughter Mary to, although this is not in the letter, Henry Dowson.

Mrs Houghton came from Norwich and married Pendlebury's father shortly after his first wife's death.  She was considerably younger than her husband and some years younger than her stepson dying at the age of 88 in 1857.  Rev Houghton was living in Liverpool at this time. 

The spelling is as per the letter. Note the arcane use of the f style s where there is a double ss as in addrefs. I cannot replicate this on the computer.

Norwich July 9th

My Dear Sir
     Receive my sincere congratulations on the happy prospects for our dr Mary, most truly we rejoice at the idea of her settling in Norfolk & in such a family, I now hope God will spare my life to see the happy time, Mr H Dowson spent an hour with me on Saturday. I was happy to see him, & from what I could judge in so short a time, he appear’d very aimable, & the family every thing we could wish, affectionate, kind hearted &, truly good, have always been their character -- they appear highly to esteem Mary, and delighted with their Son’s choice, For they took the earliest opportunity of making it know, that their Son, was accepted by Mifs Houghton, at which they exprefs’s themselves truly satisfy’d – to you my Dr Sir it must give new live -- & I hope you will, be long spared to enjoy her happynefs for as you justly say, it must be everything to you, there could be no enjoyment without it, I anticipate our joyfull meeting – I feel so happy at the prospect, more than I can exprefs:- the Park’s are delighted, indeed all your friends rejoice, I have received many congratulations & kind remembrances for you – Mr Wm Taylor called on Saturday morning, as soon, as he had intelligence from Mr Martin – He’s just returned from London – Burrell’s family are well but I am sorry to say the 9th child is just arrived – give my kindest love to Mary & my respects to all friends – I think your Liverpool friends will be sorry to lose Mary; accept My love & believe me your affectionate 

E Houghton 

You’ll see by the date of this it has been delay’d Mr Marsh was in hopes of a Frank but I will not wait any longer, since I wrote the former part of my letter, I have heard, great commendation’s of Mr H D's, aimable disposition which is very pleasing to hear, - present my respects to Mifs Parker, - your’s truly EH 
Friday noon,-