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This letter is sent from Lewis Cooper to Pendlebury Houghton January 1811.

From the content of the letter it is obvious that Cooper has just returned from meeting Houghton in London.  At the time Houghton was at the Prince's Street Unitarian Chapel,  Westminster and the letter is addressed to 10 Mount Street, Westminster Road.  

The job offer discussed was obviously given and accepted as Houghton was back at the Octagon Chapel Norwich in February 1811 and stayed until 1812.  He then went on to the Paradise Street Chapel in Liverpool which I believe was where his roots were.

Interestingly the Mr Madge mentioned in the letter could well be Thomas Madge shown as minister of the Octagon from 1811 to 1825.  The Rev John Robberds was another well known Unitarian preacher.

The spelling is as per the letter. Note the arcane use of the f style s where there is a double ss as in addrefs. I cannot replicate this on the computer.

My Dear Sir 

I returned home yesterday and found all our Friends quite well & impatient to hear the result of my conference with you, which I can afsure you I felt most deeply interested in, - the Vestry meeting is just over! & as you my wish to have as much time as pofsible to consider any proposal that may be made to you – I will inform you what pafsed – Mr Madge has not given any decided answer indeed he feels as you expresfed to me that it would be indelicate till Mr Brown had sent his resignation – I exprefsed to the meeting the substance of what pafsed between you & me and the distant prospect, that you may again be united to us gave very general satisfaction – then a letter from Mr Brown was produced declaring upon what terms he would resign, which as we have accepted, I have no doubt that by next Sunday that matter will be entirely settled - & then an invitation will be sent to you which all your friends most earnestly hope, & entreat you to accept – Mr B will remain with us till midsummer. We are greatly obliged to you for your very bountiful & handsome present to Caroline I must say it is a great deal too good – the Girls were delighted with it –
I find Revd John Robberds does not go to London till tomorrow week - I gave him your mefsage as to sermons – Mrs C unites with me in love to Mary - & with our sincere wishes for your welfare
Believe me my Dear Sir
Yr affect Friend
Lewis Cooper

Norwich Sunday
13th Jany 1811