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From Pendlebury Houghton to Mary Houghton

Another letter from Pendlebury to his daughter hot on the heels of his November 1st letter.  Nice description of his farewell from the Paradise Street Chapel in Liverpool, a break in the rural idyll that was Tranmere and Ivy Rock.

Something weird about the date.  It is cancelled Liverpool 17 No 1822, has 11 Nov 1822 at the top and 17 Dec 1822 at the bottom.  On the front of the envelope is written 17 Dec 1822!  Sent to Mary at Lewis Coopers' house.

The spelling is as per the letter. Note the arcane use of the f style s where there is a double ss as in addrefs. I cannot replicate this on the computer.

Monday Liverpool 11th Nov 1822

My dear Mary Last night instead of going to Mr Lewen’s I went to meet Mr Hincks’s at Mr Boult’s and to the lecture at Renshaw Street and this afternoon found the old gentleman in his cafsock, Mrs Holt and Mifs Ann and am just returned and will transcribe the farewell letters of yesterdays meeting. Everton 10th Nov 1822 “My dear Sir, In conveying to you the resolution of the meeting which was yesterday held in Paradise Street chapel permit me to exprefs my individual sentiments of esteem and Regard and to add my sincere wish that every good may await you with much respect, I am my dear Sir, most faithfully yours, John Cropper (inclosing the following) “At a meeting of the P.S. chapel; congregation on Sunday the 10th Nov. 1922 to take into consideration a letter adrefsed to Mr Fletcher by the Rev P Houghton Mr John Cropper was called to the chair and the letter being read by Mr Fletcher the following Resolution was unanimously agreed to. That the chairman be requested to convey to the Rev P Houghton, on behalf of this congregation in the most respectful terms an exprefsion of the great satisfaction they have enjoyed from his ministry during the ten years he has been amongst them of sincere regret for his intended resignation of the office of one off their ministers, and of their best wishes for his future health and happinefs. Tuesday perpetual rain very busy at home – Wednesday sent for to breakfast at Richd Yate’s to receive the 1000 – took to the bank and had it sent for Mr Dowsons to Gurneys’ at Yarmouth—I hope they will make it useful, whether the land proposed is bought or not – might not that high situation prove bleak and lefs desirable for a constant residence than the lowly vale? While I was negotiating at the bank Mrs H of Beronigh came to take leave – and on my coming home Mifs Humble called to invite me to spend the remainder of the week with them – James Foster is to sleep here in my absence and I suppose I shall finish this letter in Cheshire – 2[this afternoon I walked to the park and drank tea with J Houghton Junr – he is to escort the old lady back to Birmingham in a day or two – she says Mr Houghton’s letter exprefses great regard and affection for you] – 1[ at 3 o’clock came in and looked for your letter but found none – in a few minutes however it came and charmed me with pleasant visits and delightful rides and christmas games} – I am beginning to plan my own journey I suppose London will be the quickest and cheapest upon the whole – A governefs has been viewing our house and I believe will want it in February – if she can perhaps we shall be able somehow to compromise – Mifs Corfe is to have two little boys from the Corfes’ when they come from school every night when Mrs H goes – her spirits are still tender – Thursday morning preparing for Birkenhead – the American author came and read two Efsays against Doctors and phycic invited himself to breakfast on Tuesday next and promised to leave Liverpool the day following. The Mifs Downards have just called and desired their love – also just as I was setting of for Ivy Rock called Fanny Hitchen – She says Andrew is to embark in about a fortnight for Weymouth in America – and that before he goes he will probably call on me – he is to go for about 3 years - Friday – crossed the river yesterday afternoon and found here Edward, just arrived, the 3 young ladies 2 in Yorkshire and Mr Humble much improved by his visit to Buxton – in the mornings I have a recefs to read & write in by myself. last night was a party of Cheshire neighbours cards and music – this morning the river roughend by a heavy squall beneath a lowering sky with a tempestuous sound – the sun has broke out but the wind is too high to venture out – no matter we see everything from within here – all desire their love – Saturday morning the river as smooth as oil laving the green slope below the breakfast room – study and repose in a superb capacious pillowy chair in the little book room – visit the ducks guinea fowls, hens, with all their habitations and gardens – walk with Marianne to old Tranmere & return to the grand chair – tomorrow we are all to set off in at nine in the Steam bo(at) (letter damage)& I am invited to dine at T Fletcher’s also (letter damage) rest of the week, I shall be every day engaged at Liverpl – this little excursion has however come in quite (letter damage) santly – Sunday crofsed the river with the (letter damage) in the steam-boat. dined at T Fletcher’s where I am now going to drink tea after walking (letter damage) Ellen to Richd Yate’s and informing her “the skreens skreens.jpg (33209 bytes) have met with unbounded applause” – among other engagements for this week, I am to give a few lefsons on reading to the little Jones’s – You have now, dear child a complete journal for the week, w’ch has been written by little and little – but I do not send it as a model – I am sensible you are too much occupied to send me a detailed acct – but you often give me great delight by a vivid sketch in a few words & I am charmed with your punctuality – tho’ I endeavour to fortify my mind against accidents and impracticabilities. The Humbles would have kept me at Ivy Rock till the 9th Dec but on various accounts, I think it adviseable to keep in the town – also they beg that we will go and spend some time during your stay – this I have left to circumstances – but nothing cd be more friendly and hospitable. Take care of yourself – do not hurry too much --- take time to enjoy every thing and do not forget to learn and attend to every thing that may be useful – God blefs you dear child guard you from all and guide you to all good in hope of soon being with you now – I remain yr affectc father PH
Liverpl 17th Dec 1822