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From Pendlebury Houghton to his daughter Mary

This letter was written when Pendlebury was still in Liverpool although he was in the process of moving, in the letter he talks of letting his house.  The Roscoes mentioned in this letter could well be the Liverpool Roscoes who married into the Caldwell family (Linley Wood).    The letter is addressed to Mary Houghton at "Mr Lewis Cooper's Magdalen Street Norwich".  Lewis Cooper is the same Lewis Cooper who sent the letter with the job offer dated 1811.

The spelling is as per the letter. Note the arcane use of the f style s where there is a double ss as in addrefs. I cannot replicate this on the computer.

Friday Nov 1st 1822

My dear Mary

     As the morning is drizzly, & I have had the American author and Martin, with his Letemata till past 12, I shall employ the remainder of it by giving you in return for your Norfolk scenery, my diary for the week - Sunday, dined at the Hunter's, who has been for weeks, under a regular occulist, taking powerful medicines, and using painful washes for eyes - James Foster by two drefsings, as I did not fail to let the Hunters know, was restored from a much worse state - but, poor man, the first use he made of his recovered sight was to lose his too susceptible heart, without, at present any prospect of return - from Yates's inexorable Cook.  Monday & Tuesday called at the Jevons's, Anderson's, Parry's & Roscoe's - The 3 first will give every afsistce to Yates during my abence Yates himself will undertake to get for himself what help is necefsary - Jevons engages for the 15th & 22 Dec.  My visit to the Roscoe's was to introduce a fine pheasant which the Downards had sent on Tuesday morning.  Mrs W. R. looks better than ever - the Londoners are all gone home the rest of the party to Southport - She desired her love to you - as did Mifs Miriam Roscoe, whom I met yesterday, whith the most placid smile on the park road  - Wednesday dined at Richard Yates's with his father & family - Thursday walked to Martin's & on returning, called at Mifs Melifsarle Nicholson's who is so poorly that Mifs Arabella Senr is banished into some rural retreat - but Mifs Arabella Junr having strained her ancle is stretched on another sofa near her aunt - Mrs Joseph is there and particularly inquired after you & desired me to get up to the invalids - Soon after I got home Fanny called for a direction to you, as she had been writing a letter - Mrs Martin was exceeding importunate for your return to Liverpool - She read me a letter from Lady Smith who with Sir James is now at Holcomb describing the present Mrs Cokes profusion of flaxen or rather silken ringlets that decorate rose - Martin's children also Mifs Coke with an engaging young nobleman to whom she is going to be united are all blooming the youngest a very fine one indeed - He thinks a paragon almost equal to Letemata - yesterday while I was out called Mrs H & Corfe - Mrs H waits for the escort of John a little longer - I have put on the window "To be Let" - Fanny has heard of somebody who wishes to take the house furnished for a month or six weeks - this might be a security during my absence - the Landlord who was here the other night says there is no doubt of getting a tenant by the end of March my kind Remembces to the Coopers and our Norwich fds. You shd always date yr letter for the sake of habit.  Saturday Mrs H. and Corfe callled just as I was going out - both desired to be kindly remembered to you -  to the latter I generally administer a glafs of f red wine and a spunge cake, to the former a glafs of my own Saccharrifsa Melifsa, which she thinks the most exquisite she has ever tasted - and both seem the better for it.  On my return from Everton met with the Nicholsons who invited me to dinner - but as I could not today - tomorrow - as soon as I get home a lady and her daughter came to inquire about the house - which however they wd not want till March or April - I hear Mr Harris has paid off James Forster and Henry Taylor and Hargreaves - Mr Hincks is to preach his first sermon tomorrow.  And now, I am beginning to look forward Wednesday - Farewell my dear child May all that the world can give and ten thousand times more be thine - Between the 8th and 15th Dec I hope to b e with you again.  Yates would let me come before but I rather wish to protract my stay on the other side of Xmas than before it and I Rarch will probably e the last of all - What shd we take into Norfolk - you may consider what will be worth while - I am yr
                              most affecte father