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Letters from the young Harry (Henry Dowson) to his Mum

I have put these two together because they are so short.  The spelling, is colourful.  If anyone knows what a Cropper is please us the comments button to let me know.

Hove House School Unitarian and run by a Unitarian minister.  A quick "google" shows that C. P. Scott attended.

The spelling is as per the letter. Note the arcane use of the f style s where there is a double ss as in addrefs. I cannot replicate this on the computer.

Letter dated 10th August 1841

Hove House Brighton

August 10th Tuesday

My Dear Mamma

                                                                                                      I hope the little Cropper can fly by this time if not tofs it up which will learn it to fly. I whent to the Gymnasitc's yesterday Mr Malleson says Frank is not to go yet. We have been to Carpentring twice & are to go this afternoon thank you for your letter this morning I suppose the croppers will have hatched by this time write as soon as they do. I have bought Nick of the Woods & Logan the Mingo chief in the Peoples Edition which I shall read & send home by Papa when he comes love & kifs to all Will you make out at the Cox weather they have any tumblers fitt to takeaway because Molly has the half Crown. Goodbye your Affectionate Son


Letter dated 19th October 1842

Hove House

Dear Mamma
     Thank you for your letter, I am sorry to hear that there has been a fire at Mr Brundles, & am glad to hear, no one was burnt what time will papa be here. I am not minus with Mr Hastings now, & Mr Malleson said I might go out when Papa came When I told him so, Frank did not go the excursion, will you send a few marbles. I shall send back some of the books I do not want. a great many of the boys fathers are down here. I do not seem to have much to say I like these stories from History & Garry Owen. I am dancing this half as Mr Malleson said I had better learn Good bye


Letter dated 19th October 1842