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A letter from Pendlebury Houghton to Mary Houghton.

A letter describing the journey home from Nottingham to Liverpool.  An incredible journey when you consider today it would be a fairly routine of about 3 hours (if there are no problems on the M6).  It involves coaches, walks across the fields of Manchester, packets and steam ships.  The letter was addressed to Mary at Lewis Coopers's house in Magdelan Street Norwich

The spelling is as per the letter. Note the arcane use of the f style s where there is a double ss as in addrefs. I cannot replicate this on the computer.

Friday evening

  My dear Mary, I soon found myself at Nottingham & had engaged a place for Derby – but Mrs Taylor having invited Mr & Mrs Turner she constrained me to say till past five next morning – On my arrival at Driffield -- (thro’ Derby I had pafsed unmolested) – the Saxtons afsailed me thro the window and stopped the coach but as my time had been consumed at Nottingham I pushed on to Buxton where I had just time to inform Mr & Mrs Dearning that their Jernina remained “always happy” and arriving at Manchr about six and having recovered enpafsant, the 4/-, of which I transmitted 1/- to the coachman (as the proprietor owned he had asked for it duly, & been refused) I walked on towards Warrington - & being informed of a comfortable public house beyond Eccles near the canal, where I found a clean nice bed & as soon as I got up made for the packet house over the fields – breakfasted, & nearly finished transcribing my intended Shrewsbury sermon when the boat carried in an hour or two on to Runcorn & I proceeded in the steam-boat to Liverpool in time to send for the Newspaper to Mrs French who returned my mefsage with an invitation to dine with her on Sunday – All is in order at home & a bed got ready for me yesterday -- Mr Biddel writes, that he has sent 40 to Gurney’s bank to be paid to Mrs Houghton, but not knowing her addrefs had left me to advise her of it – one half is of course, for you, if you have occasion for it – I had beautiful weather & a pleasant sail from Runcorn & to it – part of the time I continued transcribing in a very commodious cabin, & would have finished, had not the ink failed – As we pafsed the Dingly I observed a group of Ladies & gentlemen on the brow of Aston Yatey’s – Good night dear child it wants only of eleven – Saturday morning – Upon coming downstairs at 9 o’clock I found Andrew & Fanny in the parlour, come to tell me they dine every day at 4 & drink tea at 8 – Also Mifs Nicholson has been anxiously inquiring about the regulations of the books. I am now setting to work – your little (gar)den looks very luxuriant, & a fair sky promises me a fine walk in the evening – do not hurry, take time to extract the honey from every flower & weed – tho’ you are now among sweet flowers -- & be like Mifs D “always happy” So wishes your     
                                                                                                                            ever affectionate
                                                                                                                                     P Houghton
     4th Augt 1821

Don’t forget my kind remembrances to the Banks & Coopers etc