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From A Hall to her sister Anne Newell

Addressed to  Anne Newell at Mr Richard Sadelers in Charles Square near Hoxton, this letter from her sister has so much unspoken.  It talks of money, starvation, illness and litigation.  At the centre is the need of Anne Newell for money.  Her sister is trying to arrange for money to be sent "privately" which suggests that money sent to Anne some other way  would not get to her.  Would it be seized by  creditors perhaps?  She appears to have an ongoing lawsuit and is advised to accept the advice of Sir William Massingberd (whether this is the 2nd or 3rd Baronet I do not know, see Massingberds).

It seems various remedies for her Nephews ills have been sent in the past.  At least one, "Clarritt and salt" but he is not going to drink "his owne natsd"  (not sure what the word is see the image) which I think is a reference to his urine.  It is easy to forget that there was no modern medicine in the 17th century and ailments we regard as trivial these days were often potentially fatal.

The reference to "yu spake of starveing" reminds us that times were often hard in this century.

1699 was the end of a very momentous century in English history.  The beginning of the century had started with the last of the Tudors on the throne, a civil had brought much turmoil to the country, the actions in Ireland by Cromwell and William would be underscore Irish history for at least the next 350 years, the anti-papist mood in England would cause many problems over the succession and eventually result in our German dynasty.   This constant internecine strife meant that  estates were confiscated by one set of rulers only for the next to redistribute others fortunes. The Journals of the Houses of Parliament (web page Parliamentary History) record many petitions for restorations and relief.  Perhaps this was Anne Newell's action on the part of her children.

These are images of the entire letter.  I have had to split the main page in two to fit in the scanner.


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The spelling is as per the letter.   Some of it reads like a text message, there is very little new under the sun.

Dear Sister
If I could doe yu any good I should not think much of any pains but I think yu have put it out of my porson as for what yu propose in yrs of of 25 instant that yu would have a separate maintainance pd me for yu at so much as they are willing to alow yu until yr accounts are settled; to be pd to me to send yu priviettly if it can be done; I am very willing to act in it as Sir Willm Massingberd shall advice; who it is propsd yu should report to about it: I know if yu will make yr applycations to him & beg his advice as to yr self. He will be a very faithfull and right to yo fr without him yu can doo nothing; Sir Willm is now upon yr Road in his jorny to London; wch he takes about yr childerens buisneff, he will be in Town before this reaches yu, yu may finde him early in a Morning at Mr Ffinns Royle in Charter Roylesyard I am sorry to hear yu spake of starveing I put my nephew upon ordering yu mony privettly some time since, & he tould me he wrott to Mr Gery to let yu have five ad six pound privettly at yu same time, concerning yr claritt & salt wch yu forbid my nephew should take, he says he never found any thing did him so much good in his life, & as for his drinking his owne natsd he doubs I shall never persuade him to it; he saies he cant possiabely drink it , yr medision of yr nettles shall be observed when they are good: at this time they are coverd. Mr Snow, as to what yr writt concerning yr jointed being sezed on for yr children accounts: I would advice yu to contrive it n* Sir Willm who is able I believe will appeere very willing to give yu ye best advice for yr self. Thanks for yr concern for Harry poor child he is very weak; he is constantly takeing things to warm his stomach & blood I am glad my neece Hyarn has approved herself a better Daughter to yu than Mr Stavely reported of her. Sir Willm Massingberd said he hoped he might make friends to get my nephew Hyarns place continued to him; wch I hartely wish my Nephews presents his duty & desires me to tel yu he has orderd yu some mony by Mt Wiherton he hopes some of it may bear yr charges m to yr country I have not had an account yet from Mr Dover as soone as I have I will transmit it , I am

Yr affectionate Sister A Hall

My Nephew desires me to acquaint yu that he cant get any mony returnd
For yu so soone as he expected but as ever he can he will acquaint yu himself