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From John Morris to George Harris

The letter is addressed to Rugby, Warwickshire.

George Harris appears to be clerk to the governors, bursar or school secretary.  Dr Ingles was headmaster of Rugby school from 1794 to 1806.  Mr Morris does not appear on the list of past headmasters.

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The spelling is as per the letter. 

Chiswick Sep. 5th 1806


As I cannot infer, from the letter with which you favoured me, that a felling of delicacy towards anyone already introduced into Rugby School should prevent my living a candidate for the situation from which Dr Inglis proposes to retire, it is my intention formally to offer myself to the trustees, as soon as I am acquainted with the usual and proper mode of proceeding - The Trustees, you have been so kind as to inform me, do not wish to be addressed individually by the candidates; I therefore request you will favour me with the farther communication of the way in which it is their wish that application should be made: whether they expect a statement of the candidates intention of offering himself address to them collectively accompanied with references to respectable Persons for their Satisfaction as to his qualifications, or with written Testimonals from persons capable of attesting the sufficiency of his Abilities & attainments - There is probably some mode of proceeding prescribed to candidates in case of the a vacancy of the Head Mastership, the earliest communication of which will be an additional favour to,

                                       Your obed’- Serv’-
                                            John Morris