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Letter from T W Morley in Cambridge to his sister in Richmond Yorkshire.

An informative letter from a brother to his sister on his arrival in Cambridge.  Very relevant to the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar (which is when I transcribed this letter) as it is dated October 18th 1805.

Despite my best googling efforts, I have found nothing about the people mentioned in the letter.

This is the front of the letter, double click to enlarge.

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The spelling is as per the letter. Note the arcane use of the f style s where there is a double ss as in glafs. I cannot replicate this on the computer.

Difficult words have been scanned and the image placed in the letter. Click to enlarge the thumbnail.

Cambridge October 18th 1805

My dear Sister 

Behold me seated in my lodgings, the most comfortable you can imagine in a quiet part of the town very well adapted for study and perfectly remote from the Grils grils.jpg (14986 bytes). I have purchased every thing necefsary for housekeeping not forgetting  wine Decanters, glafses etc. Margaret would inform you of our journey, it will be therefore needlefs for me to travel over it again.  A meeting of the university was convened yesterday, so alarming are the accounts, to pafs a grace for granting the young men, many of whom are obliged to join their Corps, the fall of their term, which the immediate expectation of the French landing, could only have affected.  All the military stores, baggage waggons etc are travelling into the interior, in order to be out of reach of the enemy, in short the preparations denote that daily expectation of their landing is every where entertained. ------

My Aunt M, Uncle John & Gray arrived here on Saturday all in good health.
Dan is quite in love with Mr Gavel my tutor, we drunk tea &  supped at his room on Sudany & the children strummed a duet to him on his harpsichord as he is rather musical.  The whole party set off for London this morning, its only 50 miles from here: My father Mother & the girls went yesterday morning to Swafham and went with Alan's to Newmarket races, Men in a scarlet feltive festive.jpg (60412 bytes) (^ so like a leopards skin) made Johny drive there in the gig, and looked just like a french woman.  she looked very well, and I am in hopes has left off the Analiftre  pillword.jpg (73017 bytes)Pills --

Tell the Co I have not yet solicited my Girl, but will let her know immediately.  The bed is but small, but winter is coming on. Give my best love to her & let her know I shall expect to hear from her soon. Excuse this miserable scrawl but I am confused and have not got Ben out of my mind yet, as soon as I have I will give you a better letter.

Your affec Brother

T W Morley

Trinity College

Write to me immediately