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From Mr Charles Watkins Merrifield, Trekenning, St Columb to James Collyer, Hurworth on Tees 1857

This is another letter dwelling on death and wills.  Written on black edged paper and in a black edged envelope. 

The letter is signed as C W Merrifield 1827-1884 (biography) who was the son of Mary Philadelphia Merrifield (nee Watkins) a writer on art and literature.  James N Collyer is shown on the 1861  census as being aged 73 and still living in Hurworth.  The death of Catherine Williams has been transcribed and is on the Free BMD site.  His father John Merrifield, barrister, is shown living at number 2 Dorset Gardens, Brighton, next door to Lady Sarah Seymour.  His wife, Mary, is show as being an active authoress.

18 August 1857

My dear sir

  I have just received the sad intelligence of my Aunt Kate's decease (Miss Williams) I lose no time in communicating it to you, as you are her co-executor under her brother's will.

   I am not clear whether I ought to draw the proportion of her usual dividend; but I think not, as the date of this was anterior to the apportionment act.

  George Williams is as you are aware, in New Zealand, I had a Power of Attorney, under which I have acted, for the sale of his Real Property here, but I am not sure whether it extends to his share in the reversion of the stock.

  My poor Aunt died at Brighton in my father's house on Sunday at 6.15 a.m.  The immediate cause was disease of the heart; but it was in reality age, and that was the first part of the machine to give way.  She suffered for some time before, but she died easily.

  I did not receive the intelligence in time to attend her funeral.  My address for the present will be as usual "Council Office Whitehall, London, SW".  I will communicate with you again when I reach town which will be in about a fortnight.

Believe me to remain,
My dear sir,              
Ever yours truly

CW Merrifield

P.S. I should have added that I am her executor