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Letter from 75 Myddelton Street, London 5th Jan 1843

This is a letter from a Charles Alexander Spilsbury to Samuel Everett Salt Lane Salisbury dated 5th Jan 1843.

A somewhat rambling letter which I presume has something to do with a debt or debts.  The Spilsbury family are shown on the 1841 census living in Myddleton Street.  There is Sarah Spilsbury (age 51) she is shown as independant means, Charles who is a commercial traveller, Alfred, Martha and Edward without trade shown.  After this there are various traces of Charles, his marriage in 1846, on the 1851 census he is in an Inn in Great Yarmouth (Occupation travelling salesman in Patent Medicine)  and death in 1852.  The two brothers Alfred and Edward are on the 1851,  1861, 1871 censuses sharing a house, along with Edwards wife.  Maria Louisa is shown with a death registration in the first quarter 1847.  The mother, Sarah,  dies in the last quarter of 1842 and may be the loss to which he is referring.

No trace of the person to whom the letter is addressed can be found in Salt Street but there is a Samuel Everett shown in St Edmunds district of Salisbury who is a clothier.  A Jane Smith appears on the 1841 Census as living with or near the Spilsburys and may be of the Smith family mentioned in the letter.

This letter is one where the correspondent has written the letter both horizontally and vertically.  Click the thumbnail to enlarge the scan.

mydellton.jpg (294607 bytes)

The spelling is as per the letter. Note the arcane use of the f style s where there is a double ss as in necefsary. I cannot replicate this on the computer.

A number of words are indecipherable, I have put scans of the words in the sentence, click the image to enlarge.

75 Myddelton Street
StJohn Fields London
5 Jan 1843

My dear Sir

I beg to acknowledge your kind letter of condolence upon the lofs recently instanced by us and which I would have replied to before this had I not been much perplexed in making the necefsary arrangements which been accomplished at a sacrifice of some consideration. I regret that my applications should to generally have been made with reference to money matters I can only again afsure you that whenever such applications have been made it has been with great reluctance on my part and never would have occurred had not my continued disengagement rendered such a course necefsary. My Click to enlarge have been very heavy since my approach to manhood and I believe I have conducted myself with a due regard to economy.

I have pleasure in furnishing the names & ages of my brothers and sisters as requested by you in addition to my own.

Charles Alexander – born May 7th 1813

Alfred Thomas -- do April 7th 1820

Martha Eliza -- do March 2nd 1823

M(ari)a Louisa -- do May 19th 1826

Edward -- do May 6th 1829

any kindness shown to them will add to the obligation under which I am at present to you and will afford me still further cause to entertain a grateful encumbrance.

I regret the bereavement which Mr John has instanced in the lofs of his wife in your letter containing such information was not at hand when I last wrote you and in my own trouble it had escaped  my memory – I shall feel obliged by your presenting my respects to him and with the united respects of Mrs Smith and my family I remain

Dear Sir

Your obliged obedient Servant

C A Spilsbury

I hope the mild weather has been favourable to your Rheumatic affection. Perhaps when you leave Salisbury you will favour me with your addrefs.