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From McInroy & Parker & Co to Sandbach Tinne & Co

This letter contains a number of copies of business letters, balances and a long letter giving the latest news from Demeray which is in the then British Guyana.  Mention of slaves and other things.

Sandbach and Tinne were very successful West Indies traders.  I have already covered them in this letter Eton 1835 and there is so much on the web I will not steal anybody else's thunder. 

This was a very difficult letter to decipher.  A quick hand makes the writing very idiosyncratic and I have therefore produced the images in full.

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The spelling is as per the letter.

Copies of Balance

Mess McInroy Parker & Co Demeray 8 December 1817


I beg leave to advise you that I have taken the liberty to draw on you this day 50 Sterling 90% to the order of Mess Iver & Buchanan which you please to honour with Acceptance & payment and to charge me in account current. I am

with respect Gentlm YourmoobSert

Signed Fr Wm Weihe


 Mess McInroy Parker & Co Demeray 16 Dec 1817

Dear Sirs

The annexed is a copy of last ship Oscar which sailed from hence on the 10th and we are since without any arrival from Europe, Several vessels sailed for Liverpool last week, by which we did not write, the writer being from home. Copy of the Oscar's manifest is annexed, also of the Brig Clyde's freight list, she wants about 10 hhds (hogsheads) Sugar, or equivalent quantity of Rum to complete her. We now enclose copy of our balance sheet to 31 Augt. also of our profit & Loss acct. & charges of Merchandise acct. Balance of the former only 3424 ,, 0 ,, 11d to your credit our outstanding debts are considerably heavier than usual, but owing to the continued ruinous state of the Exchange, we had in some instances preferred putting accounts on Interest to remitting @ 13,,10 which is the present rate in payment, before January is over we shall endeavour to make considerable reductions.

We charge you on 31 August with

Balance of G Buchanan's acct current as cash } 845,,4,,
                                            there the 4 of Feby }
      ''       of George Rainy's  ''        ''       ''                179,,3,,1
      ''       of P. McLagan's     ''         ''      ''                358,,5,,0

The Inventory and other documents not yet Copied, will follow in a few days with any other remarks that may occur. The amount of Invoice of the Coals received from Mr McLagan 52,,8/- in your account Current we are charged 52,,12/-. You will please transfer to credit of Dr Hutson the proceeds of one bale Cotton H (ship) Caledonia 22,,0,,9 less cost of Insurance charged us 10/7. The Demerary has made no farther progress in Loading. The Sugar making is kept back still on many Estates for want of water. At Connelia & Ida they have just put about their new engine and will probably have some sugar for the Demerary. We have frequent showers but very light. The cotton picking is about done on the next estates to Windward. In pomeroon it still continues very good. Copy of the bill mentioned in our last is enclosed. We are respectfully

Your ob Servts (Sig) McInroy Sandbach & Co.

Mess Sandbach Tinne & Co Glasgow 2d February 1818

Dear Sirs

We are to day favored with yours of the 31 last herewith you have debit note of Preems P Ayrshire entered 31 Dec to your debit. The recovery of our loss P Ayrshire reads exactly as stated to you, the discharge being now finished she will go to dock this week, when the Underwriter will be called on to appoint surveyors when an inspection of her bottom may throw some light on the nature of her damage, this story of the chain is the cause of all the obstacles to a settlement, coming however in the vague way it does it would not we presume have much weight in a court of Law. What would you think of compromising the matter by accepting 2/3d of the repair in Demerary in full of all demands. By the Balance just arrived we send you annexed & enclosed all our dispatches by her, you see what unenviable doings they have had for last year, send us down your Balance please when we shall immediately close our books to 31 Dec. all materials being now being ready for the You as de***ed in last year. for 25.10/- Commission on 120 Bags Coffee VW Letters Manps & Cramm de***ed each 7.15/- in this year, their accounts having previously closed. Charges against M. V. Kerknoph are the same as made against all the friends for payment in London, the Splins Int is ten *ugond an equivalent for such charge – We are happy to see the Clyde have so fair a start with both weather and amount of freight, we have advised the Oscar to sail the 25 prox: W Buchanan intends to proceed in her. We are sorry to hear of Mr Sandbach’s indepention, but he is now better – M McInroy is confined with a slight sprain not knowing his sentiments a**** ****** the writer thinks 20,000 by far to high a price for 148 Negros paid in cash in this country being at the present. **** a nearly 1800 each as to the Land & anything else attached so is, we can pass no value on them. Mr Parker thanks Mr Tinne for his opinion about Mannings & Churtneys in Demerary the ***am useful for the information of the Revd M A*** Brown whom Messers Douglas & Parker have appointed to the Charge of the Presbyterian Church of Demerary. Enclosed is a letter from Mr Prins of which you can give us a Translation to enable us to answer it, will you demand the money from Messr Earles, we presume you are perfectly safe to indemnify them against all consequences – The Balance sheet, profit & loss, & charges of merchandise accounts from Demerary broker cannot be got copied for Mr Parker.

We are dear sirs
Truly yours
McInroy & Parker & Co

To you **** last year & to them credit in this year 7.15/- each

Insurance of Ayrshire from Demerary @ 4 Gs pct viz
T & M Frazer prem @ 1610 Value 70 Hhds sugar at 23 *** @ 4 Gs Polery Re 80 15    5
Providence Estate          1035      "      45     "      Sugar  "     "        "    "   "    "     "              51  18 11
Masse & Chuly                1173      "      51     "            "       "     "        "    "  "     "     "              58 14    7
J H Boode                          1800     "      60     "            "       "    30     "    "  "     "     "              90    "    "
Kinderen                           1690     "    {30     "            "       "    23}
                                                                 {50  casks coffee         20}   "   "   "     "     "              84 10   7
Heyhgen & Thiesens        805     "      35  Hhds sugar         23    "    "   "    "     "              40 10   8
Good Hope                           368     "      16  Hhds sugar         23    "    "   "    "     "              18  10   "
Dumbarton Castle           325      "      10  Bales Cotton       25
                                                            "      15  Bales  Cotton         5}  "    "   "     "     "              16      9  6
Stand Groen Estate          550      "       22 Bales  Cotton       25   "    "  "     "     "               27   13   "
Capt Hamilton                1000     "     200 Bags   Coffee          5   "     "  "     "    "               30     "     "
A M Meertens                     150     "         30  "           "                  "    "     "  "     "    "               71     "     "
                                                                                                                                                    526 15 8