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The old house

A fairly old photo of our house

(you couldn't take the same photo today there are bushes in the way. And the door has changed. And the aerial has moved. And the guttering and barge boards have been replaced. )

Another year older and 2010 will mark the hundredth year since the house was built.  The old thing is showing it's age but we had a solar panel fitted in late 2009 and look forward to reaping the benefits.

There is a link to my weather station, nothing fancy just a Maplin's radio linked weather station.  The major problem with this is that despite being fairly high up the hill we are sheltered so the wind is not always accurate.

I have added to the military history pages but with the warning that most of the anecdotal information from the Highland Regiments book is at best inaccurate and at worst homespun myth.  I am obliged to  Ian Macpherson McCulloch (Lt Col retired and a former CO of The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada) for pointing this out.   Ian is producing his own work on this so I will not steal his thunder, other than to say that the chap upon whose work the Highland Regiments book was based had a view of the highlands through Victorian rose coloured, or should that be tartan coloured, glasses.

I have acquired a number of old letters. As I transcribe them I will publish them under of Letters of Interest.

I have had to suspend the guestbook as it was being spammed.

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